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Below are a couple more reviews from the amazing individuals I've had the pleasure of working with.

Amy Wybo 
Creative Director

Wunderman Thompson

"Silvia is a unicorn. No seriously, they exist. She's creative, strategic and organized. She is one of the most organized creatives I've ever seen! And did I mention team player? If there is anything you need, she is the first to raise her hand to pitch in. I worked with Silvia on several global websites and digital assignments where she conducted competitive analysis, co-lead the design phase and then worked seamlessly with the production team to bring it to market. Her expertise in UCD methodology and UX is second to none. Don't let this talented designer get away if you have the chance to work wit her. She's the real deal.

Alison Manno 
Web Designer


"Silvia is a talented designer who I had the pleasure of working with at Norton Agency. Silvia is reliable, efficient, and is comfortable working across channels. She goes the extra mile to ensure all assets meet brand standards/goals and are packaged and delivered within tight timelines. Her meticulous nature and desire to strengthen her skillset as the industry evolves translates into strategic conceptualization and design implementation. Above all, Silvia has a great attitude that makes it fun to collaborate and explains why everyone loves working with her. She will be a tremendous asset to any team.

Caroline Habrowski 
Partner Marketing


"I had the pleasure of working with Silvia for several years at Norton Advertising. We supported a 2 billion dollar client and worked together regularly on catalogues, print ads, sales collateral and custom digital promotions. Silvia was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her attitude is inspiring and her attention to detail is impeccable. She's a team player and someone I would love to be able to work with again in the future!

Andrew Kam
Growth Marketing

"I worked with Silvia at Panasonic where she was an important and cohesive force within our team. Aside from her mastery of design, Silvia was a very organized and efficient worker who would always be there to help others. She was also a great listener and a great leader that would be willing to make decisions and run with them. Her willingness to lend a hand, ability to communicate instructions and ideas properly, and overall great personality really helped cement her spot as the glue of our department.

Rebecca Kilbreath 
Editor in Chief

Restaurant Development + Design

"Silvia was a smart, funny, organized art director at Avenir. Her designs were sharp and her communication skills were top-notch. She was a pleasure to work with both personally and professionally. As editor in chief, it's important to have a collaborative, creative relationship with your art director and Silvia was always open to helping, sharing and incorporating the concerns of the team.

Selena Lengsavath 
Customer Success Manager

Viralspace at

"Silvia and I worked together at Avenir Publishing, Inc. where she was the Creative Director extraordinaire. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of fresh and innovative ideas for all three publications in addition to spearheading value-added services for business development. It was because of her eye for design and attention to detail that each issue turned out so wonderfully and was so well-received by our readers. My time working with Silvia was incredibly inspirational as she truly believed in fostering and mentoring team members' strengths and interests. She was not only a great leader, but also a team player who was always willing to lend a hand.

Kayla McClain 
IAEA Programs Assistant

Argonne National Lab

"Silvia is a skilled and experienced designer who brings a high level of creativity to every project. Her history and track record in the realm of Marketing are incredibly impressive spanning beyond design. She is extremely organized in all aspects of her job, and understands how crucial attention to detail is in every assignment. One of the best characteristics about Silvia is her team-oriented attitude. She is always willing to lend a hand to her colleagues to push a project out on time. In addition, Silvia promotes diversifying an individual’s skill set, and is a great role model for professionalism. My time working with Silvia at Panasonic has not only been a pleasure but also a great opportunity.

Gina Guarino
Global Creative Strategist

BCD Meetings & Events

"Silvia and I worked together for a short period of time at Norton Advertising agency and it was an absolute pleasure. On top of being welcoming, friendly, and helpful to myself (the newbie) and others around the office, Silvia simply shined in her role as a Senior Art Director. She would always offer a helping hand to anyone who needed it and/or her advice and design expertise to any project that was in motion. It was impossible not to notice that Silvia was frequently tackling numerous projects all at one time, always maintained composure/professionalism and consistently brought a high level of detail & creativity to every single piece she was working on.

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